The Gospel Is Free, But Sometimes The Delivery Isn't . .

This is John, our mechanic friend. He has a love hate relationship with our 1996 GMC van, he hates to see it come into his shop and he loves to see it leave. John is your typical Iowan, he just doesn't know when to give up! At 200,000  John swears he will make it see 300,000 even if he has to push it!
With Hands In Motion travelling 40,000+ miles in 2012 he may yet get the chance. The goal of this page is to share our needs (large and small) with you. Some people can give money, others choose to make "in-kind" gifts. These types of gifts are also tax deductible, often for more than their retail value.Talk with your tax/investment advisor about the benefits. If you can help us in any way, great! But most of all pray that God through Christ and the Holy Sprirt will take care of all our needs as we reach out to our deaf brothers and sisters.

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                                 Wal-Mart Shopping cards
Not for shopping so much but for purchasing gas as  we travel.
                                                  Their stations tend to be the cheapest and you get cents off with the card. It's also really handy for
                                                  volunteer supplies at events. Total needs for cards $1,000 a year

A replacement for the "Bus" (This is a desperate need)  When we donated our volunteer hospitality vehicle to another ministry last year we knew we would have to trust in the Lord to replace it. In June 2010 we found the "new bus" it will be a great place for people to take a break from the craziness that is a part of serving Jesus at festivals. It will be a little escape the rain or blazing sun. It will also function as the office for Hands In Motion when it is parked at home. Total needs for the trailer $9,500

                                                      A 4 door pickup to pull it. The trailer was purchased by Hands In
                                                                                 Motion, but will probably end up being paid for by the Hauser family.
                                                                                 Why a 4 door? Well the Hauser's are loosing a son to the navy, so the traveling part
                                                                                 will be six people. By getting a truck with four door we can sell the full size van and
                                                                                 use the truck for all our travels, leaving us with a truck and a Kia Sportage. It's all
                                                                                 about Stewardship! Total Needs for the Truck $10,000 to $12,000

Replacement Computers Our desk top is still running "Windows 98"
                                                                              so we rely heavily (14 hours a day) on our 2005 HP notebook. It's our home and
                                                                              road machine. After a recent hard drive replacement, we purchased an external
                                                                              drive to back everything up. We are also in need of office supplies like toner
                                                                              cartridges for our HP Color Laserjet 1600 printer.
                                                                              Total Needs for computer $1,000
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