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Christ Has Given Us The Marching Orders, They Listened Too

You can tell alot about a ministry by the friends it keeps, below are some of ours. These folks have passed our test, not only do they take special pride in reaching the deaf, but are focused first on bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. Most will have a link to their web page along with their blurb. So here they are in no particular order . . 

                                       People will often ask where they can go on the net to learn some sign language. There is only one place in our opinion for them to
                                       go and that's ASLPro You can go to their site, click on a word, and see it signed in a small movie. These great
                                       Christian friends also have a sister site called with movies that will help you share the Gospel
                                       with your deaf friends.

First Century Ministries
                                     We have known Wade & Jennifer Burleigh of F.C.M. from the earliest years of Hands In Motion.
                                     In fact, they were the first Artists that invited us to stand next to them while they did their presentation. Not many people sell the
                                     house, buy a motorcoach and spend their entire lives traveling the country and sharing the Gospel through a highly visual production.
                                     Wade and Jennifer are among some of our most cherished co-servants and can reach broad audiences from churches, to festivals,
                                     to county fairs. Drop them a note through their webpage, tell them Jeff says 'HI"

Remedy Drive                                             

                                          We love the Zach Brothers! Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska (not Canada) they are, by a long shot the busiest band in Christian
                                          Music. Recently signed to a multi-album contract with a major music label, they are poised to really broaden their reach. Check
                                          out the R.D. web page and give them a listen, their sound is really refreshing and makes a strong
                                          statement for Christ. We make a lot of recommendations to people wanting to book a band, Remedy Drive is almost always at
                                          the top of the list.

Gift Book Plus

                                      That's Chuck there next to a 20X t-shirt - you think that's big, ask him about his 50X, it could cover our little house! We see Chuck
                                      quite a bit throughout the year, mostly at festivals. He's a vendor, but he is way more than that, he doesn't just sell Christian wear
                                      he is more than happy to explain a shirt's meaning be it a character or verse. Not only does he sell, but he is also a supplier to
                                      bands and events. You can meet Chuck yourself, through his web page


Faith Lutheran Church

                                   F.L.C. is the "founders church" for Hands In Motion. It's the church that commissioned us to go out. It's also the church we go to
                                   when we are home. A wonderful congregation 9 miles from anywhere, pretty progressive for a church in the middle of Iowa, with good
                                   audio, video, amplifiers for hard of hearing. We also have an interpreter for church services. If you ever come to Iowa stop by and say
                                   hello to the Hausers.

Bread of Stone

                                  When we get to heaven Bread of Stone will be providing the praise and worship music. Two brothers and two friends rock with one of
                                  the strongest ministries out there. Here's what I mean, the first time we met B.o.S. was 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday setting up
                                  the sound system for a festival. They played at 7:00 PM, then while all the rockstars were signing autographs (11:00PM), they were
                                  tearing down equipment. Now, that is a full day of nose to the grindstone for the Lord! If you get a chance to go see them, do! You
                                  won't be dissapointed. If you can get them aside, spend a few minutes talking with them about their father Nehemiah's ministry in
                                  Indonisia. You can meet them and their international reach at

Alan and Vicki Greene

                                 Alan & Vicki are more dear friends of the Hauser family. We all meet many people along the way in life and our prayer is that you
                                 eventually meet your own Alan & Vicki. Vicki has the sweetest spirit and and Alan is one of the most humble folks you will ever come
                                 across. They are the Directors of a minstry called LifeLight Communications which encompasses everything from youth outreach to
                                 missions to Mexico, concerts and America's Largest Free Christian music festival. Take this as a personal introduction to Alan, Vicki &
                                 the LifeLight family. You can shake hands at


Meet Nick a friend of our family and a true co-servant in Christ. He and some friends operate a website called "" They
                                 have worked hard to create an alternative to MySpace. FF is a safe place without the un-healthy advertising that goes with some of the
                                 other social gathering places out there. One of the thing I have found refreshing there is a wonderful "Code of Conduct" that always
                                 reminds people to remember what the site is about and calls people back to honor Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our older children
                                 have really gravitated to it since MySpace is off limits to them, But more importantly they have found people who can pray for them and
                                 friends who understand their challenges.Go to their page and join, it's free, of course nothing is stopping you from helping them pay for
                                 the bandwidth we all use there :-) Once you get a page add "Hands In Motion" to your friends list .


                       Praise Him Ministries

Praise Him Ministries is cool drink in the desert. Perched on the high plains of the Colorado Rocky
                                  Mountains. Their views of God's creation are un-rivaled and it has motivated them to serve Christ in a mighty ways. Not only do they
                                  put on the "NightVision Festival" but their Founder Ms. Victoria Hearst has a real heart for those
                                  incarcerated in the Colorado prison system, going as far as starting a prison choir. P.H.M.'s base is called Rigway Christian Center
                                  and encompasses a youth center that is over seen by Pastor Jimmie and Mrs. Lucretia Church, Holy Grounds coffeehouse and cafe,
                                  and a very cool book store, with products from the Holyland. And speaking of Holylands, Miss Victoria and her crew are actively
                                  involved to ministering in Isreal with a focus on the city of Ariel in the region of Samaria.

                        Burke Communications

                                   Meet Mrs. Kathleen Burke, She is one of the most inspiring women we have met in our many years as Hands In Motion. She runs
                                   Burke Communications a  company's who motto is "Raising Visibility For Christian Musicians And
                                   Film Makers" We met her when she was working with Apologetix (see above) and our friendship continues to grow. If you are an
                                   Artist, Festival Director or a Film Maker wanting people to know about your work give her a shout. I know she will work hard to get
                                   your project in the spotlight. Oh did I forget to mention that she is the only person I have ever met that has participated in the World
                                   Ironman Triathlon? If she can handle that, she can handle any project! Kathleen, her wonderful husband and children live is sunny,
                                   southern California, where when she's not working with clients, or running in triathlons she carpooling kids.

Rex Lex

For a band to make our "Friends" page you have to be MORE than a band. Rex Lex is a great example of one of those
                                                    bands. We came to Rex Lex by way of their MySpace page and an ongoing dialog about one of their songs. After
                                                    contacting them we came to realize that we had many parts of ministry in common including a love of apologetics and
                                                    hearts to not just rock out, but to challenge people in their faith in Christ. If you get a chance to see them in concert,
                                                    please do, I promise you will have a blast!